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Asian American Association

About Us

Asian American Association (AAA) is a nonprofit student organization that works toward promoting racial diversity, community, and tolerance at the University of Michigan.

The primary focus of the University of Michigan Asian American Association is to unite the Asian Pacific Islander American (A/PIA) community by encouraging and facilitating interaction

The Talent Show Talents

Vigorous Comb
Vigorous Comb is a vigorous singing group composed of Nick Kuo, Andrew Huh, Yashwanth Lagisetty, Daniel Yu, Derek Siew, and Winston Chen
Mike and Brenda
Brenda Wu and Mike Lin are an elegant duo that will be showing you the gracefulness of ballroom dancing
Alex and Eric
Alex Inkwon Chung and Eric Hwang will be seducing everyone with their super sexy guitar duet
Blank Face Villain
James Huang aka Blank Face Villain will be creating sick beats and making awesome music for everyone at AAACTS
Connor Mackey
Connor Mackey will be wooing the crowd with the soothing notes that come out of his guitar
Eddie Ye
Eddie Ye has a unique talent. Whistling! When he whistles on north campus, the wildlife there flocks to the sound of his beautiful tunes
Alice Yu
Alice Yu once played in the London Symphony Orchestra. Even though it was a dream, we are very fortunate to have a talent like her perform for us
Sean Liu
Sean Liu unfortunately won't be showcasing his cooking talents today. We have the next best thing! He will pe slamming poetry for us at AAACTS
Megan and Meng Meng
Megan and Meng Meng, or Emineminem will be performing a lovely flute duet for us
John Gonzalez
John Gonzalez will be dazzling the audience with his word play and storytelling through spoken word poetry
We have no picture up for this talent yet :(
JS All Day
Jay Han and co will be providing us with an unforgettable music experience. Do NOT miss out!
We have no picture up for this talent yet :(
Nikhil and Eric
Nikhil Misra and Eric Yu will be pleasing our ears with their beautiful voices. They will be one of many wonderful singing performances
Big Dong
Allen Donne aka Big Dong can do it all. Can he sing? Can he Rap? Sense of Style? Yes to all of them. Come see his performance at AAACTS
David Li
David Li is one of those people who can press black and white buttons and somehow make beautiful music. His piano performance will capture the audience's attention
We have no picture up for this talent yet :(
John Hsieh
You think doing a Rubik's cube is hard enough? Try it BLINDFOLDED! This crazy man will use his sixth sense to solve a Rubik's cube without seeing it.
Carriage 1
Madeline Chu and Jayne Liu are the k-pop stars of Carriage 1. They will sing and dance their way into your heart!


Since AAA is a large club, in 2008 we developed a family structure where members are divided into groups called "families" with board members as "parents."

Families give members a chance to bond outside of mass meetings for fun activities such as eating out, seeing movies or just hanging out.

We assign families at our second mass meeting so if you want to be part of special family, mark your interest when you sign up


This year's families

Our Board

Jesse Chen


Winston Chen


Sean Liu

Co-Social Chair

Daniel Yu

Co-Social Chair

Michelle Ng

Co-Cultural Chair

Alina Chau

Co-Cultural Chair

Madeline Chu

Co-Service Chair

Jun Ho Lee

Co-Service Chair

Anthony Trieu

Public Relations Chair

Jung Hsieh

Outreach Chair


Finance Chair

Nick Kuo

Logistics Chair

Allen Donne

Co-Creative Chair

Kevin Cai

Co-Creative Chair

Austin Trieu

Freshman Representative

Connie Lin

Freshman Representative

Megan Liu

Freshman Representative

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